November Bookstagram Challenge: #novinbooks18

Hi everyone! It’s Mariana. November is right around the corner, and I can’t be more excited. It also means it’s time for a new bookstagram challenge, #NOVINBOOKS!


For everyone who is new or just need a brief reminder, the bookstagram challenge is open to everyone! The challenge is designed to help you with ideas for your bookstagram pictures, so please feel free to be as creative with the prompt as much as you want. Each prompt corresponds to each day of the month, but again, since it’s meant to help (and not being a chore), feel free to skip or post more whichever way you see fit!

As always, I’ll give shoutouts to my favorite photos every week on my bookstagram. And don’t forget to include the hashtag #novinbooks18 in your caption so I can check it out (and swoon over it). Please DM me if you have any question, and enjoy!


November Bookstagram Challenge #novinbooks18


hosted @bookisglee

1. Anticipated November reads

2. Finished in one sitting

3. Book with strong heroine

4. Character with cool name

5. A book recommended to you

6. Favorite bookish merch

7. Most anticipated sequel

8. Book you haven’t finished

9. All-time favorite author

10. Character with superpower

11. Favorite place to read

12. Favorite #bookishmap

13. Give you the chills

14. Favorite under-hyped book

15. Book that inspires you

16. Book you’d win at trivia

17. Favorite author’s debut

18. Gorgeous book cover

19. Book you wish you have

20. Favorite anti-hero/heroine

21. Book with more than 500 pages

22. Book you’re thankful for

23. Latest bookish mail

24. Sets in another country

25. Character who loves books

26. New on your TBR list

27. Written by a POC (person of color) author

28. Spell your name with books

29. Favorite reads of the month

30. November haul & wrap-up


Do you have a bookstagram? Have you ever joined a bookstagram challenge? Let me know in the comment!

- love xxoo,




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