Candle Recommendations: A Court of Candles

Hey guys! It’s Mariana.

I’m sure many of you who also follow me on Instagram know that I’m a Brand Rep for A Court of Candles. Nali (the angel behind this amazing company) definitely did not ask for a blog post or review featuring her candles, but I simply can’t help but want to let you all know how amazing these candles are. So TADA! Candle recommendation post coming up!

let's start


Let’s start out with some info about A Court of Candles.


Costs & Sizes:

9 oz Glass Jar – $16 USD
2oz Glass Jar – $5.50 USD
4oz Tin – $7 USD
2.50oz Wax Melt – $6 USD

Processing Time: 5-15 days of payment (shipment comes with tracking numbers)

Discount Code: BOOKGLEE for 10% off

It’s quite hard to include all the candles I have from A Court of Candles, but don’t forget ACOC has tons of different fandom inspired candles, from books, TV shows, and even Anime! So if you’re wondering if they have a particular candle that you want, hop to their website and check out all of their products. I’ll be featuring a few of my favorites today!


Percy Jackson

(Ocean • Seaweed • Mint)

This candle is inspired by Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series. It’s one of my very first candles from A Court of Candles, and it’s still my favorite one till this day. The scent is very ocean-fresh, which is what I love most about it! Also, who can say no to Percy?



(Jasmine • Citrus • Sea Breeze)

This candle is inspired by Sarah J. Maas’s ACOTAR series, featuring everyone’s favorite bookish boyfriend, Rhysand! The candle smells exactly like how I imagine Rhysand would smell like, and the touch of jasmine is absolutely amazing. Not to mention, look at that gorgeous purple label! *swoons*


Patronus Charm

(Silver Oak • Spearmint • Enchanted)

This candle has one of the most beautiful labels I’ve ever seen! Patronus Charm is inspired by Harry Potter, and this candle can definitely represent as your happiest memory like the Patronus. The spearmint gives it a very fresh, awesome minty smell. And did I tell you this candle has sparkles? It seriously looks magical when it was burned.


My list ends here, but to be honest, this post would be very long if I list all of my favorite candles from A Court of Candles haha. And did you know? Not only does ACOC provides fandom inspired candles, they also have different lines such as tea, bath bomb, lotion, room spray, and body wash! Isn’t that the coolest thing? (Just imagine surrounding yourself in a Rhysand-scented bath *drools*)

And don’t forget, if you decided to treat yourself with some of these amazing products, remember to use code BOOKGLEE for 10% off your order! Also, I’ll be including a few more photos of A Court of Candles products below so you can check them out.

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Do you have a favorite candle shop? What’s your favorite scent?

- love xxoo,

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