My (Not So) Little Society6 Merch Obsession

Hey there, it’s Mariana! 😘

Bookstagram changed me big time throughout these past two months. Besides from just hit 3.3 K (which I still can’t believe is possible), I also have this odd quirk to…buy a lot of bookish merch. And I mean A LOT. Tons of bookmarks (I’m planning to write a separate post later), props, and of course, SOCIETY6 MUGS!

*bless my wallet*


So yes, all of these are from Society6. I seriously have an addiction with this site haha. Here are some of my favorite shops.


1. The Bookish Dreams

{Society6Β | Instagram | BlogΒ }

I absolutely love Avi’s designs 😍 They also so so quirky and adorable. Not only that, it comes in many different colors, which I absolutely adore. I got a black background mug with the line “I’m sorry for what I said when I was reading”. It’s so so pretty!



2. Bookworm Boutique

{Society6Β | Instagram | BlogΒ }

Bookworm Boutique is run by Lauren, and wow, not only she is an amazing person, her designs are seriously every booklover’s dreams πŸ’– I’ve gotten two mugs from Bookworm Boutique already, and I love them both so so much!

The “I Adopt Books” design,Β “Book Queen”, the “Please Go Away I’m Reading” design, and theΒ “Screw Reality” Pillowcase.


3. Evie SeoΒ 

{Society6Β | Instagram | BlogΒ }

Oh gosh OH GOSH Evie is a genius and I just can’t! πŸ’ž Her designs are what you call MASTERPIECES!! I only have two mugs from her, the “Fine, make me your villain” design (The Darkling *swoons*) and “Bookstagram”, and they are so so beautiful and I just can’t stop staring at the, every minute or so πŸ˜‚ Seriously though, this girl is so so talented!


4. Dorothy ReadsΒ 

{Society6Β | InstagramΒ }

I was chosen as a rep for Mariana (ohahahaΒ name twins) not so long ago, and I don’t regret any of it. Her mug is so so pretty! And she’s also taken quoteΒ suggestions too, so I’m super excited to see what in store in the future 😍 Also, I got the “To the stars who listen” design!



Do you have a favorite Society6 shop? What are some of your most recent merch haul??

- love xxoo,


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