My October Haul (& How My Wallet Vowed to Kill Me Slowly and Anguishly)

Book hauls are THE BEST! Seriously, nothing can rock my socks and anger my dear wallet as fast as book hauls. Also, it’s not like my TBR hasn’t sit on me yet, so a few more book add to that mountain is nothing *actually crying inside*. See? Book haul = Perfection.

And yes, I had a MASSIVE book haul last month. Not that I didn’t have one the month before that (guilty). But the temptation! And also those New Arrivals emails BookOutlet kept sending me also add up to the urge, and so TADA, I caved in and got a total of 12 books + a cute mug. And I am so so excited to share this with y’all!



I did another purchase on BookOutlet for 11 books. I KNOW?! It’s crazy. But I got such a sweet deal, since I managed to snatch the last Vicious copy (V.E. Schwab is life!) and a signed A Gathering of Shadows, even if they didn’t specify it was one! I ordered This Savage Song on Amazon since I have a 5$ off coupon, and seriously, the book is just simply BEAUTIFUL! Three book by Schwab in one month is a dream comes true…

I also managed to get a hold of the full trilogy for The Infernal Devices! AMAZING, I know right. I absolutely adore TID. The feels are just…!! 😭 I flood my house reading this. Also, the spines and all the symbols and GAHHHH EVERYTHING ABOUT THE SERIES IS BEAUTIFUL!


I also got some TOR books. I don’t know if it’s just me, but lining up books with same publisher is just soooo satisfying. And in case you’re wondering, yes! This is Truthwitch and All the Birds in the Sky (and also Vicious). I’ve read Truthwitch, and seriously, BEST BOOK EVER! I’m just in love with the world-building. I’m also super excited to read All the Birds in the Sky. Anyone have read it yet?



Of course, I’M NOT DONE YET! The list is still go on. The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey, Burning Glass by Kathryn Purdie, The House by Christina Lauren…AJKSGJAGDKKASH I AM EXCITED! I’ve heard tons of great thing about these book, and not to mention Christina Lauren is my favorite author ever. Lots of books to keep me occupied this month.

So yes, my book haul for October! I just cannot wait to dive into these wonderful books.

How was your October book haul? Have you read any of these?






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