Avalon Dreams by Alexa Whitewolf



“It was impossible they had met before – of that she was certain. Yet his hold on her was undisputable, an irrational pull to the utmost recesses of her soul.”

Vivienne du Lac has everything she could wish for – a normal, peaceful life, a good job, cushy nest egg, and a semi-social nightlife. The only problem? She’s clueless to being the reincarnation of the Lady of the Lake, Merlin’s apprentice.

Sebastien Dubois is the bad boy you wouldn’t take home to mom and dad – quite the opposite. The sexual chemistry between them is sizzling from the start – but there’s more to the tall, dark and handsome stranger. When a magical past tumbles into her orderly reality, he is Vivienne’s only hope at survival.

Caught between darkness and light, a battle she has no intention to fight – let alone the knowledge to win – Vivienne quickly finds out not even closest allies can be trusted.

Can she look within and become the enchantress Merlin meant her to be… Or will she lose it all over love, for Sebastien’s salvation? This is a battle between good and evil you don’t want to miss.

my review

Now that was definitely full of INTERESTING bits…and in a good way. Well peeps, welcome to Athurian fantasy, where demon dogs roam and dreams that are too real to be imagination. It’s…it’s just fantastic, because YES, Authurian retelling. It’s just amazingly cool.

Even I though I think this book is absolutely fabulous, I did have bitsy of a problem with it. I mean, I was rooted so hard for it. And Merlin, THE Merlin was in the book, and I seriously don’t need to say more than that.

So, let’s get start on the list!


I really enjoy Vivienne and Sebastian personality. Each were so unique, and their relationship really did grow on me. I was a bit nervous at first with all the insta-loveish, but the author did a really good job on steering it to the right path where no groaning of readers may be heard, which #melike.

The plot was fabulously amazing! The Arthurian myth is oh-so awesome, and I absolutely adore how it is incorporate to the contemporary fantasy. I love all the flashbacks, and the action scenes are GOODNESS incredible. My favorite. Can I have extra ten more with bow-tie and a signature of Sebastian.

ALSO ALISTAIR THE DOG! Who can talk. And can be your very best friend. And is an amazing and utterly fabulous demon for goodness sake. Who can possibly resist him?!


The writing style was incredible and very consistent. Alexa Whitewolf did an amazing job on weaving the characters & plot and brought them to life. Also, kudos for the author for being able to write two POVs and manage to get the story flow without being repetitive. THAT was so crazingly awesome bits!


Sebastian DUDE what are you doing?? I mean, he’s fantastic and I definitely DID NOT (ya right) have a crush on him or squeal every time I see his his name. But I can’t help but groan at his action every now and then. He’s just too stubborn sometimes and that just get annoyed.


It got a bit tedious with pacing. I love the plot, but 600 pages and all of its words…That’s A LOT of reading there. Some parts, I must say, feel extremely slow and hard to get through. The wording is super elaborate and descriptive, but sometimes, being too descriptive is not always the best.

IN CONCLUSION, I love the book but I am also a tad disappointed. The pace is quite dragging, which made it a bit too easy to put down in between reads (hence why it took me so long). But it’s Arthurian myth AND IT IS SO COOL AND I HEART IT. I also fangirl too hard at the swooping hawt romance, so there you go, it got me straight to the heart.






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