Harry Potter: My First Funko Ever!

Howdy! It’s your Mariana. I’ve been having a 2-month hiatus on blogging to focus on developing my shiny new bookstagram, and GUESS WHAT?! I just reached 1K yesterday and I AM FREAKING OUT OF JOY! (shh…it doesn’t need to make sense).

But wait, this is not what this post is about. It’s about me adopting a new member to my bookish collection. Behold, HARRY POTTER!


It’s not a surprise that I have Harry Potter at the center of my heart (who wouldn’t?!) Though I’ve never thought of actually wanted to OWN a funko or any action figure myself because…does it really worth it? Well, I figured you had your answer, because YES. IT DOES WORTH IT!img_1614

I absolutely love my new funko. It was made with so great detail & the materials look very sturdy. You can clearly see the Hogwarts symbol on Harry’s coat, as well as all–very detail–tiny buttons.

The quality & color is amazing! The paint is perfect, and despite fearing the wand and glasses might be flimsy, I was in awe by how great & firm they are.

I absolutely adore how photogenic Harry is! I just couldn’t stop taking photos after photos of him (#noregret). Also the material doesn’t glare, so with me taking photos outdoor, it is a blessing! I have no complaints about this funko whatsoever.


Seriously guys, don’t hesitant to grab one! I love love LOVE it. It’s so so adorable, and gosh, just WOW. I’m still in the bliss of finally own one, and lemme tell you, that feels AMAZING! Go to the closest store, GRAB ONE! It will be the (downfall of your wallet) best bookish item you have ever.

Do you own a funko? What’s your favorite/want to have? Tell me below!!





10 thoughts on “Harry Potter: My First Funko Ever!

  1. I’ve just come here from my insta where I follow you! I had no idea you had a blog and am so excited to stay up late instead of sleeping and reading your posts 😊

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  2. Wow, that’s amazing! Congrats on reaching 1k! ❤ OMG! That Harry Potter is soooo adorable. I definitely want one for myself as well! I don't have any FunkoPop's yet, I never stumbled upon it in any store and the shipping costs are ridiculous…soo there is that. Hopefully I'll be getting one in the future – and when I do it's definitely going to be a Harry Potter one. 🙂

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    1. Awww THANK YOOOOU! Anna you’re so sweet! I also remember you started your bookstagram recently. Can’t wait for your photos 😍😍 And I totally understand, shipping cost is always so so expensive. I feel just so lucky the Target near my house just update the book section & they have a full displacement of funkos, or else I wouldn’t be able to get one…

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