Bookish Mid-year Wrap Up!

Hey guys! It’s Mariana. AND YES, I MISS YOOOU TOO! (ahem)

Goodreads just sent me an email about my mid-year reading challenge update. And by “just” I mean like 10 DAYS AGO BECAUSE YOUR MARIANA HERE JUST CAN’T COMPREHEND TIME! *cough* But yes, thank you Goodreads. You’re the real MVP here.

So before running straight into this blissfulness chaos, I will (attempt to) make a list of things to expect in this post, because list is organize and organization is good.

  1. My Goodreads Reading Challenge!
  2. My top 5 favorite reads this half-year
  3. #currentlyreading
  4. Bookstagram – because it’s my favorite thing right now!!
  5. [insert spontaneous ideas here] because one can NEVER be too organize




I. Passed. My. Goal.

And seriously, that feeling is literally GOLD. In fact, it’s better than eating the whole gallon of ice cream on my own (hmm…)

And I don’t think I could make it without your helps & support and TONS of recommendations! So THANK YOU!! Also, my wallet is the real huge helper too for not falling apart with all of my excessive book buying. Bless you my child (the wallet, I mean).



Because YAS! It’s time to fangirl about my favorite reads of the first half of the year, AND I’M EXCITED! In fact, my average rating is 3.91, which is basically 4.0 according to my barely-awake-for-math-class calculation. And that, I think, it’s pretty fabulous!

So check out my top 5 books for the last 6 months!

top 5 2016 read.jpg

10-free-hand-drawn-vector-dividers-previewPART III: #currentlyreading
I am buddy-reading Trial By Fire with Sara! Seriously, chatting with her make me really get to know the book more. It’s amazing! (thank you beautiful 😘) I’m also reading Shutter by Courtney Alameda as a spooky vibe for Halloween. Though sadly, due to SAT test happening this week, I’m not getting very far in my current reads.

currently reading.jpg


PART IV: (Ah ha, I know my Roman Numerals) BOOKSTAGRAM!

It’s my 1 month anniversary on instagram guys! (or well, one month since I decided to start over because my old one just irked me so bad). And I’m SO EXCITED! I can’t believe I’ve read over 500 followers, and I am super thrilled.


I’ve met tons of wonderful people, and I had lots of fun with the community. I also entered two rep search for The Dragon Hoard’s Box & Bubble and Geek, and I was SO nervous! Their products are awesome, and there are so many talented people that entered. Finger crossed haha. Because if yes then we will have ourselves lots of unboxing posts to see in the future 😛



Which is basically…life. Oh, and I may or may not just got another order from BookOutlet *guilty*. BOOK BUYING BAN WHY DON’T YOU EVER WORK?!


Also, I got two cute mugs & and an amazing throw pillow from Society6. Pinky promise haul post will be up soon!


How many books have you read this past 6 months?



3 thoughts on “Bookish Mid-year Wrap Up!

  1. Congrats on exceeding your Goodreads goal! I’m 8 books ahead of schedule on mine but I haven’t reached my goal yet. And A Darker Shade of Magic is one of my all time fave books! So I’m glad it’s one of your favorites too!

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