Behold, My September #BookHaul!

Howdy guys! September is coming to an end, so I’m here to present to you my SEPTEMBER BOOK HAUL!! *drum roll*


I got my hands on the total of 11 physical books this month. I know, 11 BOOKS!! This is the most I’ve ever bought in a month! I’ve finished about half of them, and ohhh the feeling of pages under your finger tips is fabulous.


I got 10 books from Book Outlet. I’ve already read The Wrath & the Dawn and Madly as ebooks, but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunities to grab the hardcovers! Both of them are absolutely amazing, so I highly recommend them.

After receiving the order, I devoured The Stars Never Rise and Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Seriously, these are brilliant reads. I absolutely love the settings and the narratives. Also, I just CANNOT wait to read the sequels! I need them now like my everyday dose of chocolate cookies HALPP!! (my wallet is quietly judging me) 😅

I’m halfway through Walk on Earth a Stranger, and so far, I adore it! The cover is absolutely gorgeous too. I seriously just wanna hug every book and live in this blissful moment omg…


A Shadow Bright and Burning is a book a pre-ordered a while back. I was so excited to read it! Unfortunately, it was a big let down for me. ☹ The characters were so…plain. And I wish the author would go into the world-building a bit more. There are a lot of potential, and I’m quite disappointed.

This is actually my first time trying Book Outlet, and I wholeheartedly love it! It’s so awesome to be able to get perfect-condition books with such great deals. I’m definitely coming back soon 😉 *my wallet’s wailing from far away*


I also got a “date” with Sara @ Freadom Library to read the Trial by Fire next month. GUESS WHO IS SUPER HYPED UP?! *cough* I mean, I’m pretty excited…


That’s all for today peeps! 😄 I’m planning to have my Wrap-up post coming up soon. So look out for that. I had a pretty good month of reading, so I’m really happy. And come on, with this amount of books I’m huggi—I mean having, who wouldn’t be happy.

Have you read any of the books above? Did you acquire any new books this month?

Also, don’t forget to link your book haul down below at the comment section so I can check it out too. I’m seriously addicted to these posts. 😍

- love xxoo,



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