Gotta Get Off That Hiatus

Goodbye blogging hiatus, Mariana is BACK! *kick the door open*


Of course I’m not going be surprised if none of you is still here (although I’m  crossing my fingers and hope you are). It’s been 2 months. 2 HUMONGOUS MONTHS. 2 months of doing i-don’t-know-what stuff that stop me from touching the laptop and blog. And I feel EMPTY without all of this.

In short, I miss you guys. A LOT.

Yep, because everyone of you deserve an (awkward) hug from me

It is not of course because I’m tired of blogging, I love it! But I just have not had much time over the recent months. A lot of factors in my personal live have come between me and the blog (that also include how lazy I am during summer πŸ˜…). So, here I am to fill you in on what has been going on since you last heard from me.

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The “Where” βœˆοΈ

First of all, in case you didn’t know, I came back to Vietnam to visit my family during the entire summer. It’s a full 2 months peeps, 2 full months of mosquito bite and loving family and getting fat with all the delicious delicious hometown traditional food 🍜. The trip was absolutely fabulous, and I wish I could have stayed longer, but sadly, school caught up with me, and I had to return. No hard thoughts though, since I made most of my time with my family, doing all the traveling here and there, and have tons of fun.

Halong Bay, Vietnam
I love Halong Bay the most in my entire trip. It was a magnificent place. Truly breath-taking, if you ask me. I got to go on a cruise and experience all the amazing things (and of course getting a bit tan πŸ˜›). Me and my family also stopped for Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, and Da Nang, one of the “cleanest” city in the country, and those were no less fantastic. I really miss them.

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But Then I Returned…

…and freaked out over my Netgalley & Goodreads. Okay, maybe not that freak out, but it was pretty scary. There were like 3 books in my Netgalley account were achieved, several books were due in a few days/weeks, and my Goodreads was totally not up-to-date. I got them sorted now though, sorta…


Of course, beside all of that “freak out”, I have lots of good news. I found some real good books to read upon my return, and one of them, Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet by Charlie N. Holmberg, got me so hard in the feels that I’m actually typing the post and its review at the same time. Oh yes…that will go up very soon. πŸ˜‰ I also picked up a new instrument to learn, and tada! A violin has been added to the family’s household. I’m having so much fun!

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So yes, I’m planning to be more active again this upcoming week. Schools and stuff will still do their job as distracters when it comes to blogging, but I will try my best as always to be as non-procrastinate as possible. Wish me luck!

How did you spend your summer? What do you think about taking blogging hiatus? Tell me at the comment below!

- love xxoo,


14 thoughts on “Gotta Get Off That Hiatus

  1. WELCOME BACK! ❀ *hugs*
    I'm really looking forward to more posts from you!

    I'm glad that you had fun in Vietnam and Halong Bay looks beautiful! *-* Spending time with family is amazing! I'm also currently in my home town visiting family and friends that live here.
    The violin is my favourite instrument (right along the piano) and I would LOVE to learn how to play it. Good luck with learning how to play it! πŸ™‚

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