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I’m currently typing this in an airport in Korea, waiting to transfer to my next flight (which is 3 hours from now. HALP) So I was thinking, hmm, since I’m traveling too, why not do this super duper cool tag Around the World in YA Book Tag.

I was tagged by lovely Lala @ LaLa’s Blog. Basically all I have to do is pick a few countries and share my favorite Young Adult books from/take place in that country. Which is a lot harder to do than I thought because I usually forgot the setting of books, and well, most books I read are fantasy. But yay, I got my stuff together and managed to some countries.

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The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder

This book takes place in Toronto, and it’s the quirkiest mystery book I’ve ever read. It is hilarious and adorable and oh my did the cover look absolutely amazing.

Funny how I ended up with two copies of this book. I’m planning to host a giveaway with this and some other books soon…

You can see my review here.




The Throne of Fire

None other than the supreme Uncle Rick…

LOVE this series (and this book in particular). I know a lot of people feel rather annoyed by Sadie’s personality, but I really don’t mind much. The Egypt mythology is amazing, and with a mythology geek like me, I just adore it. Also, I found the fact that it parallels with PJO world is awesome. I mean, imagine Anubis and Hades have tea together and complain about the deaths is  pretty hilarious.




The Star-Touched Queen

Roshani Chokshi paints words.

This book is BEAUTIFUL beyond words. I’ve always love abstract things, things that have muti-meanings, things that make you think twice… Well, long story short, I like stuff that is too complicate for my tiny brain.

Ahem… Anywho, this book is all of that. The surreal level is enormous. And there are so many quotable things (I’m soooo using this for my pick up line 😛 )

“I promised you the moon for your throne and stars to wear in your hair,” said Amar, gesturing inside. “And I always keep my promises.”


United Kingdom


Clockwork Angel

Oh, the infamous Infernal Devices series… And the Thames… London… Tessa and Will and Jem… And Jem with his violin… And Will with his smirk… And pretty, amazing Tessa…


*cough* I mean, you guys know how amazing it is. I think it’s time for another reread.




The Eternal City

The details in this book are uh-ma-zing. However, I just don’t like any character whatsoever. Just none.

I guess if you like a good-looking cover and intricate detail about how Rome looks, then this book is for you. But beside that? Nuh uh…

My review is here.




One Paris Summer

I  finished this book a few weeks ago for the #BookBuddyAthon. It was such an amazing read. The characters left me in awe. The writing left me in awe. THE FOOD LEFT ME IN AWE. Seriously, this book is just a bundle of “aweee” and “omg yasss” for me.

And the protagonist is a pro pianist. Like, she is INCREDIBLE. That only make this a must read for me.

Also I want to visit Paris. Like right now.




Beloved Oxford

This book is rather… special. It takes place in Oxford, England, but it was written by a Vietnamese author, inspired by her years of studying abroad. The protagonist, Kim, has to experienced things that most people who study and works away from home know much about, and I’ve never truly understand this book until recently (I’m currently an international student 😉 ).

Also, it was a few of Vietnam YA books have ever been translated to English. I actually have never read any other than this. It was a super sweet read.


United States

dreamology cover


Since, well, there are thousand and thousand of YA books take place in US, so I just did a random choose and tada. This pop up.

This was by far one of my favorite contemporaries of all time. Seriously, this book is THAT awesome. The protagonist is just funny and absolutely lovable, and the story is simply sweet like sprinkled donuts.

I also love the science of dream behind this book, the beautiful message about going forward that this book contains. My oh my…

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And I Tag…

Kat @ Life and Other Disasters
Marie @Drizzle & Hurricane Books
Larkin @ Wonderfilled Reads
Liam @ Hey Ashers

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And that’s it for the tag. If you found this interesting, don’t hesitate to consider I tag you too! Hope you enjoy travelling around the world 😉 !

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  1. Great answers – you got so many different countries for the tag! 😀 I’ve already done this once before and I don’t think I can come up with more countries/destinations, but thank you for tagging me 😀

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