Cover Wars Wednesday #12: This Savage Song

Hey guys!

YES! It’s time for another Covers War Wednesday, a weekly meme (in which I have abandon these past few weeks) made by me. The objective is super easy. Just choose a book as choice, compare different cover editions of that book, and tell everyone what you think about them!

Covers War Wednesday

And today special guest is a book that hasn’t been published yet, in which I super duper anticpate… This Savage Song!!

Arrow2 - Copy

Title: This Savage Song by  Victoria Schwab

Published Date: July 5, 2016

Genres: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

This Savage Song

Arrow2 - CopyAnd the Winner is…



The UK is so pretty, but nothing can beat that red shade from US (I’m a sucker for red). Also, the title font is just simply—but definitely not simplistic—beautiful.

YES! This is written by the amazing Victoria Schwab. I’m counting every second till July, because OMG did I want this book bad.

Let’s Chat: Who excited for this book like me?!

Arrow2 - Copy

- love xxoo,


15 thoughts on “Cover Wars Wednesday #12: This Savage Song

                    1. OH NO! That turned out wrong lol 😂
                      *turn to myself in the corner* “Well, ‘You’ll always be 21 in my eyes’ sounds absolutely gross out and sappy. ‘You have a young mind’ sounds like a childish insult… didadida.”
                      Oh, I got this. Well, at least you now have all the rights to sing Taylor Swift’s 22… <– my pathetic best attempt 😂

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