The Playlist Shuffle Tag

Hi guys! Welcome back to another tag here at Book Is Glee!!


I was tagged by lovely Alyssa @ alyssaisreading to do this adorable little tag called The Playlist Shuffle Tag. Basically you set your music to shuffle and list the first 15 songs that come up → NO CHEATING.

Let’s go!

  1. Roses – The Chainsmokers
  2. Without You  – Oh Wonder
  3. I Miss You – Ozymandias (this is a beautiful piano piece) 😍
  4. True Colors – Zedd
  5. Young And Beautiful – Lana Del Rey
  6. On & On – Cartoon
  7. Technicolour Beat – Oh Wonder
  8. Crazy in Love (Feat. Leah Kelly) – Eden Project (this is my favorite version of the song. Absolutely captivating)
  9. Waiting For Love – Avicii
  10. Flashback – Calvin Harris
  11. Pompeii – Bastille
  12. Radioactive – Pentatonix (the violin is the insta-love)
  13. Like I’m Gonna Lose You – Meghan Trainor
  14. Dance Me to the End of Love – The Civil Wars
  15. Riptide – Jasmine Thompson (she is the best song cover artist, peeps) ❤

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And that’s the Playlist Shuffle Tag! :) I love all of the songs above, and some of them are even my frequent “put on repeat” list. I’m tagging the people below to do this as well, and again, thanks to Alyssa for tagging me ❤

Gloria @ Bookish Glor
Laura (a.k.a. Lala) @ Lala’s Blog
Sarah @The Sarah Diaries Blog
Kellie @ Book Delights
Tori @ Book Dreamer

If you’ve already done this. Don’t worry and just pass it by! Also, if anyone find this cute little tag interesting, feel free to do it. I hope you all enjoy it!

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- love xxoo,


14 thoughts on “The Playlist Shuffle Tag

  1. I am really excited to do this tag…although I did get my ipod shuffle when I was like 10 so that should be interesting. Although my music preferences have changed, I’m too lazy/sentimental to delete any of my songs;0


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