Cover Wars Wednesday #10: A Darker Shade of Magic

Hey there lovely wanderers of the internet. It’s Mariana!

YES! It’s time for another Covers War Wednesday, a weekly meme by me. The objective is super easy. Just choose a book as choice, compare different cover editions of that book, and tell everyone what you think about them!

Today honor guest is…. 


The awesome A Darker Shade of Magic!!

Arrow2 - CopyUS Edition

A Darker Shade final for Irene

So, I had a very funny experience with this cover. At first, I thought the cover Kell was a gnome of some sort!!! It took me months before I realize it was actually our dashing Kell with his swoon-worthy coat. And I didn’t even figure it out on my own. I actually saw a zoom in picture of the cover, and you can imagine what was my reaction at that moment…


Though, let’s all be honest with ourselves. That cover is fabulous even more than rainbow and unicorn have a meeting in a same room.

Arrow2 - CopyUK Edition



What is this magic?!

The font. The colors. The flying coat… Where did you hide my heart?! You, you… you beautiful-breathtaking-stunning-exquisite cover!!


Arrow2 - CopyAnd the Winner is…


The UK one, of course!

I mean, look at those clever use of colors, and fonts, and ugh! I love love love LOVE it!! Talk about insta-love and how real that can go…

Also, if you haven’t gotten around to read this book yet, DROP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING AND READ IT! None can live up the hype as good as Schwab’s works, I guarantee. The world-building, the writing, the characters… Everything is exquisite and amazingly executed. Also, imagine a magical Londoner with a red coat, isn’t that…charming?

Arrow2 - Copy

Let’s Chat: Is your favorite edition the same as mine? Or is it a different one? And have you read ADSOM?

- love xxoo,


7 thoughts on “Cover Wars Wednesday #10: A Darker Shade of Magic

    1. Haha, don’t worry, we are still twins when it comes to reading! 😉 I think the gnome incident has scarred me for life lol. Now every time I see the US one, I would burst out laughing… 😂 Thanks for the thoughts though. It’s great to see different opinions. ❤️

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  1. I have the UK covers for both books at home right now and I definitely prefer them as well. It took me months to get the US one. I just … did NOT get it either. I thought it was some sort of upside down dwarf ahahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww! Let me envy your shelf a bit. ❤️ I have both of them on my kindle, but I would love nothing more to own a real copy one day. Haha, I’m glad I’m not the only one with the gnome/dwarf issue. Now every time I look at it, I would start laughing! 😄

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