Much of Madness by S.E. Summa: A Review


Author: S.E. Summa

Published Date: Feb 29th, 2016

Publisher: Inkmancy Press

Length: 316 pages

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Magic, Gothic Horror

Age Group: Young Adults

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*I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an for an honest review. This in no way can affect my opinion on the book and its content.

Untitled designSynopsisSeraphina Pearce doesn’t know what’s more frustrating: her magic’s affinity for death, her best friend’s transformation into an albino Sin Eater, or that simply touching a guy she loves means someone’s headed to the morgue.

After a sin-eating job goes awry, she casts a risky spell and butts heads with a handsome stranger in order to win an infamous grimoire.

Marceau L’Argent is the last person she should confide in because the occult cat burglar has a mysterious past, and he’s made it no secret he also wants the grimoire. He recognizes her dark magic and offers his unique help as a rare curse breaker. If all that weren’t enough, Marceau causes butterflies in her stomach—a feeling she’d long thought dead.

Seraphina was only trying to break her curse—not piss off Death himself.

MUCH OF MADNESS is a Southern Gothic Horror story about loyalty, sacrifice, and maintaining hope no matter the odds.

Untitled designMy Rambles

Look at Much of Madness. Now imagine you attending the most awesome, most all-out, and definitely the craziest Mardi Gras possible. That, my friend, you have just experienced how awesome this book is.


I have a real soft spot for books about New Orleans and Voodoo Magic ever since I first saw the new Princess and the Frog (no shame). Mystical creatures that live among you, magical spells and dangerous curses, fascinating things that seem to alluring to be safe… That is the world of Much of Madness.

So, let’s start from the beginning.

I. Love. This. Book.

I read it in one sitting, half-skipping dinner, and almost hit my head twice. And I’m telling you, it was totally worth it.

The best thing about Much of Madness, arguably, is its supernatural backdrop. It’s absolutely captivating and undoubtedly fascinating. Creatures of all kinds come to life, with Sin Eaters and Spell Casters, reanimated corpses and seducing Djinn, and of course, even Death himself (capital D, mind you). S.E. Summa did an amazing job created a spellbinding world with magic, curses, and hidden disguises.

“Beautiful masquerade costumes and the intoxicating music made anything possible last night.”


The characters’ relationships to one another is beautiful and greatly admirable. The love between the two main protagonist, Seraphina and Marceaus, progressed quite naturally and enjoyable, which definitely add up points to the book. Although the developments for all the characters were somewhat abruptly, it was very well executed and successfully capture my attention. The actions are gripping and captivating, and before I noticed, I realized I’ve fallen for Much of Madness.

Much of Madness is undoubtedly a great read. The ending was enjoyable and very much so satisfying. It can be easily seen as an end of a new beginning, and I just can’t wait for the 2nd installment. Recommend it? Totally!


Untitled designQuotes“Seraphina knew how painful it was aching for physical contact. To see everyone around you take something essential for granted while you were denied such a small comfort.”

— S.E. Summa, Much of Madness.

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Have an amazing bookish day!

- love xxoo,


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