{Review} The Syndicate by Sophie Davis


Author: Sophie Davis

Published Date: Mar 1, 2016

Length: 600 pages

Genres: Time Travel, Sci-Fi, Fiction

Age Group: Young Adults

Setting: Paris, France

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*I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. In no way this can affect my opinion on the book.

Untitled designSynopsisIn a future where time travel has been outlawed, a black market exists for anyone with the money, connections, and nerve to request items from days past. As a Runner for one of the underground syndicates that now controls the timewaves, Stassi 2446-89 has seen it all: the fall of Rome, the rise of Hitler, the end of democracy, the establishment of time tourism, and the devastating consequences of it. Her job is to seamlessly slip through the past, in search of items of value to the syndicate’s clientele.

Stassi’s next assignment takes her to Paris in the 1920’s, in search of a lost manuscript by one of the twentieth century’s greatest writers. She and her partner, Gaige, are swept up in the City of Light during the height of fashion and culture—as alluring a locale as they’ve ever visited. But a seedier side of life lurks beneath the glamorous façade, and the pair quickly learns this run is more dangerous than any of their previous missions.

Because history isn’t playing out as it should be—a first for the syndicate. When the stakes are raised and it becomes a matter of life or death, Stassi and Gaige must ultimately decide how far they’re willing to go to ensure the future as they know it.

Untitled designMy Rambles

Me when I first saw The Syndicate: Oooh… Time Travel. MY TYPE!!


Unfortunately, it failed to keep my intention throughout the journey.

Okay, I need to clarify something. The Syndicate is NOT a bad book. In fact, I found it rather enjoyable. However, this book couldn’t keep its grip till the end.

DRAGGING PLOT — This is my biggest pet peeve for this book. It is soooo slowww… And long, I may add. Not that I have a problem with long books, but you can really feel it here. It’s about six hundred pages and, boy, does it draaggggg. There are certain scenes that I feel like didn’t really contribute to the story at all, and the breakfast talks alone can take forever.

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT THAT GO…. DOWN? — Yes, this is definitely a problem. Stassi’s inner voice was great at first, but then as the book go on, it just got more whinny and somewhat annoying. And then there was Gaige, Stassi’s partner, whose personality just seemed like a big mess to me. He was supposed to be the ultimate I-can-swoon-with-a-smile type, then boom, he became a overly cheerful, know-nothing guy who can unintentionally comment on a girl’s weight. It sure was a ride to understand both of them.


However, as I said. This is NOT at all a bad book, so here are some pretty awesome things that Sophie Davis brought us…

HUMOROUS WRITING — Remember that part when I made comments about Stassi’s inner voice? Yea, this is the time where it was still awesome. In fact, the humor factor didn’t really disappear at all throughout the book, which is a great comfort. I love Stassi’s sassy remarks, and Sophie Davis did a great job to keep that humor at bay and not crossing the line to annoyment. Although, it got a bit downhill toward the end, I still enjoy it greatly.

“One moment I was running for my life, the next I was living a passionate parable. No costume change required.”

DETAIL WORLD-BUILDING — The book explained a great deal of all the events that are happening and how things work. It was detail and just super captivating. Sophie Davis truly did an amazing job on allowing readers to enjoy a glimpse of a cleverly imagined 2446, parallel with magnificent Paris in the 20th century. It was very fascinated!


Untitled designRatings3

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- love xxoo,


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