3 Days 3 Quotes No.2: Day #3


Ok, this is super embarrassing, but I forgot to do day #3 of this challenge.

I know right? I just found out TODAY, while sorting out the posts and link the together. And so I decided to do it justice and continue the last day of this challenge….after 2 weeks.

And since this was supposed to be a part of Love Exclusive Week, so today quote will also about love. Again, big thank to Alyssa @ Alyssa Is Reading for tagging me! Sorry for my silly forgetting mind. 😀



  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote (for 3 consecutive days).
  3. Tag 3 other bloggers to join in with this amazing challenge.





This quote is from a song called Love Won’t Make You Cry, by Bitter’s Kiss. And I also chose this for my recently Valentine’s Playlist. This song is just pure magical.


Here is the rest of the lyrics:

Love won’t shed tears when the morning comes
Won’t make you wish the sun would hide away
Love won’t steal time
Or make you long for yesterday

Love won’t tear you down, call you names
Or laugh at your pain
Love won’t sacrifice your hopes and dreams
For heartache and shame
Love won’t beat you or burn you or hang you out to dry
Love won’t make you cry
Love won’t make you cry

Love won’t feel alone when the night falls
Won’t find your fingers on the windowpane
Love won’t make you worry if he’s coming home
Or leave you wondering whether you’re to blame

Love sees no rage
In the passionate words it writes down on the pages
Of stories it tells so well


Yasmin & Paige @ The Wild Readers

Bree @ The Literary Hellion

Syc @ The Lit Mermaid


Hope you all have fun with this. And if you found this challenge interested, feel free to consider yourself tagged.


- love xxoo,


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