I NEED HELP! Horror books, anyone?

Hi guys, sorry for that bizarre topic title…

Anywho, yes I need your help (a.k.a opinions, a.k.a.2 recommendations). My cousin asked me for a favor to get her friend a horror book for her birthday in the summer (I’ll explain why she asked so early ahead), and left me with a note: Find the scariest and horror-est book you can, because that gal was born with 10 guts.


Reason (in which I suggest you skip because it’s long and boring): So as you know, I’m an international student, and some of my family is still in Vietnam (including this particular cousin). I’ll be home for summer, so she asked if I can start looking for books now so it won’t get in the way when I’m taking finals or busying packing clothes. And apparently this friend of her is quite important, so she wanted me to put my mind in it.

Unfortunately, my horror experiences are limited to Stephen King‘s, World’s Scariest Places, and dear ol’ Hannibal Lecter (which are all amazeballs, by the way). And it seems that this friend of cousin mine doesn’t like Stephen King (I know, how dare her) and have read the other two, so I was kinda stuck.


Lucky me, I have you guys (I don’t have to self 5, yay), so tell me in the comment below:

What are the scariest horror books you have read or heard of? 

I owe you all big time! 😉

- love xxoo,

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