[Top 5 Friday] Books vs. Manga/Anime

Hello guys, and welcome back to another TOP 5 FRIDAY!!!

Today topic will involve Manga and Anime. I will tell you my list of 5 books that I think are somewhat similar to 5 anime or manga that I’ve watched or read. I haven’t expressed much about this yet, but I’m actually a crazy Manga/Anime fan. 😉

Manga Anime Definition


The Infernal Devices VS. Vampire Knight

Anime Manga 1

A Heart With Two Spaces

The love theme in these two are heart-breaking beautiful. And the art from Vampire Knight is incredible too. Not only that, I’m not the kind of girl that cry while reading books/manga, and I was bawling my eyes out during these two.



City Of Stairs VS. Blood Blockade Battlefront

Anime Manga 2

City Of Peculiar Events

The cities from these two possessed many strange and supernatural events. Both are very perplexed, actually, but full of gripping hints and action scenes that make you want to find out more.



Clean Sweep VS. The Demon Prince of Momochi House

Anime Manga 5

The House Of Magical Things

I adore these two! ❤ There are magical houses, and magical events, and magical things that everyone will love. Not counting the fact that the art of Momochi House is absolutely magical! 😉



Forbidden VS. Angel Sanctuary

Anime Manga 4

The Tale of Forbidden Love

If you are familiar with Forbidden, then you can probably guess what Angel Sanctuary is about. Nonetheless, both are amazing and just straight out mesmerizing!



Perfect Ruin VS. A Lull in the Sea

Anime Manga 3

The Sky and The Sea

It’s funny how I think these two are similar. While Perfect Ruin is a dystopia about a floating island in the sky, A Lull in the Sea is about a country underwater. However, both give me an idea about a kingdom that beyond land, and I found it fascinating and very much so familiar.


All of the books and anime/manga above are superb, so I highly recommend them for you. Check them out, and you won’t regret it! 😉

Do you like anime/manga?

Have you seen or read any above? What would your book vs. anime/manga pair be?

And that is it for today. Have a great weekend!

- love xxoo,


8 thoughts on “[Top 5 Friday] Books vs. Manga/Anime

  1. I love anime. I’ve watched the basic Naruto though it is awesome. One Piece, Bleach, Full metal Alchemist, R.O.D the TV, and some Death note. My friends are crazy on Kuroko no basuke and Fairy tail and I have yet to get on to it. I have heard the end about Akashi Seijuro and Akise Aru from Future diary is a tease XD I will check the above anime out!

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