Not So “B.I.G.” Changes: Yay or Nay?

Howdy! It’s Mariana.

As you noticed, there are some tiny, tiny changes for B.I.G (a.k.a. Book Is Glee). Just wanna let you know, and please tell me what you think I should be fixing! 😀

So let’s wait no more!



  • NEW HEADER! Oh yeah! I’m very excited for this, though my limited talent for graphic design can only go so far. I’m still getting use to the new header, but overall, I’m very happy with it.




  • The font is not really a biggie, but since the theme I use (Gateway) apparently just expand, they offer more fonts and backgrounds features.




  • Just making it fancier… XD




  • I did a lot of changes for contents throughout this past month, mostly reorganizing the categories and add some more memes.
  1. I did some polish on Cover Wars and published a weekly meme for Book Is Glee called Covers War Wednesday.
  2. I participated in other memes, Sunday Book Recommendations, and be more active in Top 5 Friday.
  3. I added an “About The Blog” page, which is mainly about the small background story of how Book Is Glee was inspired and created.
  4. I posted my first discussion post a few weeks ago, called [B.I.G Babblings] Things You Shouldn’t Say To a Fangirl.



I mainly use Canva for any graphic design on this blog, though only one website can sometimes be limited. I just discovered BeFunky and Fotor a few days ago, so I’m still getting use to them.  But overall, all changes are good, no matter how tiny it is.

How do you think about these (tiny) new changes? What should I do to make it better?

What online/app do you use for your blog’s graphic designs?

What changes would YOU like to see in Book Is Glee?

Feel free to share through the comments below! ❤

- love xxoo,


16 thoughts on “Not So “B.I.G.” Changes: Yay or Nay?

  1. One of my favorite things to do is to change my theme and design of my blog. Since beginning to blog I’ve already changed it 3 times. XD I think I’ll keep it as it is for a while just because sometimes changing the theme messes up the formatting for my posts (like the layout of the photos and such). Anyway, love the changes to your blog, Mariana!

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