Off-Campus by Elle Kennedy: The Dream Cast

Hi guys! As you know, I love the Off-Campus series to death. It’s amazing, and breathtaking, and wonderful, and just overall awesome! So I here I am presenting a Dream Cast of Off-Campus, Book Is Glee version. 😀

Off-Campus series

Author: Elle Kennedy

External Links: The Deal | The Mistake | The Score




c86803e3fb17244e0ac6731153f8da3aHANNAH WELLS

Modeled by: Keira Knightley


Her dark, shoulder-length hair has a slight wave to it, and her bangs are pinned to the side with a blue barrette, giving the hairstyle an old-fashioned vibe.




Modeled by: Logan Lerman


He runs a hand through his cropped dark hair and flashes a lopsided grin.


My imaginary Garrett is somehow always, always similar to Logan Lerman…



Modeled by: Emily Rudd


Her light brown eyes are the same shade as her hair, which hangs in a long braid over her shoulder.


She has a very innocent look that I think would fit perfectly for Grace, who is a freshman. And pretty brunette hair. ❤



Modeled by: Jensen Ackles


A dark-haired guy in a Briar hockey jacket strolls in, and for one heart-stopping moment, I think it’s Logan.


Logan’s appearance was not really described directly in the book, although there are a lot of hints now and there. And that jawline, and the look, and the hair… I think the temperature just rise for quite a bit. *swoon*

8b73dad435e1707436801a6c7b047576ALLIE HAYES

Modeled by: Elle Fanning


She’s wearing a puffy black jacket, boots and mittens, and her blond hair is sticking out the bottom of a red knit hat.


She is blonde, yes. But based on her personality throughout the book, I think she has this really experience, knowing look. And pretty…



Modeled by: Dean Geyer


I don’t miss all the fidgeting he’s doing. Tapping his long fingers on his thighs. Raking a hand through his hair.


I seriously can’t confirm if Dean is blond or brunette, or the color of his eyes. Though I always imagine him with light brown hair, with a playful smirk. 😉


[As you know, I’m dedicating this week for Love Exclusive Week, so all the things will be love-relate!]

Love Exclusive Week


I hope you all like my Dream Cast for Off-Campus! ❤

What about you? Did any faces pop up in your head while reading this series??

- love xxoo,

6 thoughts on “Off-Campus by Elle Kennedy: The Dream Cast

  1. Dean is blond! The`ve mentioned it like five or six times during the first two books. Here´s an example in The MIstake on Logan`s P.O.V.:

    I grit my teeth. “I have plans with Grace. And even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be celebrating at the goddamn bar tonight, man.”

    He runs a hand through his shower-damp blond hair. “Yeah, it was rough out there. But it’s done. Game over. No point in dwelling on it.”

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