[Covers War Wednesday #5] The Selection

There are all kinds of different hypes around the Selection series. Some said it’s the most childish thing they’ve read, others said this series is the masterpiece of modern fairy tale. Whichever way you think about it, you have to admit, the cover looks AMAZING! ❤

Covers War Wednesday

Yes, welcome back to another Covers War Wednesday, a weekly meme by me. The objective is super easy. Just choose a book as choice, compare different cover editions of that book, and tell everyone what you think about them! And today guest is this awesome The Selection! *audience clapping*

And let’s wait no more!



{US Edition}


We all very familiar with this cover. And I love fancy dresses (even if I don’t like to wear them) <3! Whoever design this did an excellent job to captivate every single person that laid eyes on this book.



{UK/AUS Edition}


So this comes the interesting part. When I did some small researches on my own, I came across this cover. Apparently this is a UK/AUS cover by HarperCollins Children’s Books. And just wow, although it basically the same as the US one, the sparkling pink background really creates a whole new scene. Gorgeous, isn’t it? 😉



{Romanian Edition}


Wow, this cover is….exotic. And I love the color red! However (I mean this in a very positive way), this edition somehow reminds me of a chocolate commercial. O_o

Okay, I had my reasons. The silky materials definitely look like those in Dove Chocolate commercial. And the tiny things in the background? Totally Christmas Kisses. I guess I’m just really craving for chocolate right now…



The one and only US Edition!

Well, even though the UK one did an amazing job on adding more elements in the background, I still like how the blue contrast. Maybe pink is too much… (NOTHING IS TOO MUCH!) And the Romanian one? If I have a cover-that-makes-you-feel-good award, I would definitely give to it.

Let’s Chat: Maybe you don’t think the Romanian cover looks like beautiful, yummy chocolate. So what does it remind you of?

(Note to self: I think I’ve fallen to hard to chocolate) 😉

Love xxoo,



12 thoughts on “[Covers War Wednesday #5] The Selection

  1. I completely see the chocolate commercial! I love the covers for all of The Selection series, and you did a great job showcasing the first book’s gorgeous cover! I’m torn between the pink and the blue!

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