[Covers War Wednesday #4] The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend


Covers War Wednesday

Hello…from the other side!

Okay, that’s enough Adele’s joke for the day. It’s Wednesday, and welcome back to another Covers War, a weekly meme by me. The objective is super easy. Just choose a book as choice, compare different cover editions of that book, and tell everyone what you think about them!

And our cover to day is The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend. Let’s not wait and dive in!



{US Edition}


Look at those awesome typography! I absolutely love the blue of this cover, and how pretty the background is.



{UK Edition}


This cover gives you this really warm, cozy feeling. And that cup of tea (or coffee??) can never go wrong.



{Swedish Edition}


Question to self: Why didn’t I learn Swedish just so I could own and read this edition? (Self offers answer: Because you are not that good.)



{Dutch Edition}


Ooh… I love colorful doodles and I cannot lie. ❤ Though I’m not a big fan of cover of face to face people, so maybe just “so-so”.



The Swedish Edition!!!

It was a hard choice. I mean, all of the covers are so pretty, and each of them has a unique trait. I chose the Swedish one because, well, there is this really simpleness and super quirkiness in that edition that I just have to love. ❤

Let’s chat: What cover do you think should have “win”?


Love xxoo,



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