12 Days of Christmas: Day 11+12


So, it’s New Year! What ‘sup everyone? It’s Mariana, and welcome back to 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS BLOGGING!

Everyone is probably confused. It’s alright, even I don’t understand it. Well, mostly it is my fault for doing this challenge too late, causing it to be compacted AND late. Still, I determine to finish, so here we are with out last post, Day 11 and Day 12!


Day #11

What was your favorite childhood Christmas present?


I have no doubt when I say I answer, it is my dear pink Jumbo, in which I still have it now. My parents got me this stuffed animal when we went on a Christmas family trip to Thailand. It was as big as me when I first had it, though I grew quite a lot now (yes, common sense). But it doesn’t change the fact that I like to cuddle it, and it still has a honor sit on my bed, however, sadly, back in Vietnam. So I miss it very much!

(I can’t seem to find a picture of it, so I’ll leave the rest to your imagination)

Day #12

What are you grateful for this Christmas?


1. My Family

I am so glad that I got to spend Christmas with the people I love, who care and protect me always. I’m also very grateful for being able to spend this cold occasion in a house (which is like a protection for the family), with warm food and lots of presents. Also, for health!

2. YOU!!

Yes, you! Thank you so, so much for making my year a great year full of memorable experience! Without any of you, Book Is Glee wouldn’t be like this today, and I’m very grateful for that. Thank you for all the warm, friendly support and welcome that blogosphere gave me. You are my reason for the season! ❤

Thank You!

Love xxoo,



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