2015 Rewind: The Year of the Beginning

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Hi guys! Happy last day of 2015!

It was an awesome year for Book Is Glee. I had many memorable moments, met a lot of wonderful friends in the blogosphere, and definitely experienced many things that I will probably never forget. And all of this wouldn’t be possible without any of you. So thank YOU so, so much!


(and soul)


January – April

Months of Planning

Eh… Book Is Glee didn’t exist during this time. Still, I think the idea of it has been there (in a small corner of my tiny brain) quite a while already. So I want to dedicate this time to thank my brain for finally came up with this great idea! 😀


2The Birthday Month

Not my birthday, but B.I.G.’s! This blog was created on June 8th, at 1 am in the middle of the night. I still think it was crazingly awesome!

It was a very hardworking but inexperience month for me. It was the starting of summer break, so I have plenty time to spare curling up with my laptop and a bunch of books, writing posts after posts. Also, this is when I discovered Netgalley!



Month of Friendship1

This month was the first to many things. I met many new, absolutely amazing bloggers and was able to interact more with other blogs. It was the month when I first got a nomination for an award (Blogger Recognition Award), first got an ARC offer, and I was on a sweet, awesome vacation back to Vietnam to visit my family. This was a wonderful month for both me and Book Is Glee!


4Month of Creativity

So, August. This month was rather simple for Book Is Glee. I started high school (which I soon found out wasn’t scary as I thought) and was nominated for a Sisterhood Award, which were both fantastic. I also created a tag for National Dog Day (The Pet Tag) and had a lot of fun doing it. Overall, it was a peaceful month.


Month of Reviews3

Funny enough, I enjoy all the reviews that I post in September the most.

They are not the best, but somehow I was very satisfied about them. You can say I was feeling more experienced.


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Alright, I admit. I was quite very lazy this month. I felt like taking a break from everything and give school my undivided attention. I missed a lot of fun things in the blogosphere this month.


5Month of Draft Posts

Ooh right, the title doesn’t sound good. Well, my laziness from October was spreading like a crazy virus to this month. Luckily, I was able to write a small post telling you guys that I still survived. I did try writing more, but none of them seemed good enough (or even finished). I ended this month with a bunch of posts in my Draft box.

DecemberMonth of Art

I was “resurrected” in this month, thanks to the long Winter Break that I have. Why art? Well, I found this real cool design website/app called Canva that I immediately “clicked” with when I first saw it. It helps a lot with all the post’s feature pictures and and titles, so I enjoy it greatly. Also, I finally earned my 80% badge from Netgalley, in which I’m super proud of. It was a great way to end a year!



WordPress’s Annual Report

WordPress sent me and email a few days ago. It was a link to my blog’s annual report, which is super duper awesome. So here are some facts about Book Is Glee that I think are amazingly cool!

Also, big SHOUT OUT for these bloggers down below for being the top commenters!

  1. The Enchanted Book
  2. #LoveBooks
  3. Syc | The Lit Mermaid
  4. Partners In Books
  5. Books and Stuff

Not only that, I also want to give a gigantic hug to those who has visited my blog! You guys are my motivation!!


It was a wonderful year, and I love every second of it! Again, BIG THANK TO EVERYONE FOR THE AMAZING SUPPORT. I will always put you close to my heart! ❤

How was your 2015 look back?


Love xxoo,


[Chibi Characters of K: zerochan.net]


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