12 Days Of Christmas: Day 9+10

Hello everyone. It’s Mariana!

Happy last day of 2015 and welcome back to 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS BLOGGING. Today we have here with us are Day 9 and Day 10. Let’s sit back and enjoy!


Day #9

Who will be were sitting with you for Christmas dinner?

Oh, my aunt, uncle, and cousins, of course. (Side track: I’m an international student, so my parents weren’t able to spend Christmas with me this year.)

I had a lot of fun this first Christmas with my “new family”. Everyone was having so much fun. We ate dinner and opened presents at the same time, which was the leading cause to choke on food because of too much laughter. From there, you can guess how crazy we went with gifts for each others (we got a lantern for one of the cousin who is in college so he “won’t have to pay his electric bill”).


Day #10

Favorite Christmas Movie/Song


[Movie] The Polar Expresslogo-polar-2

Ok, everyone loves this movie, or at least I do. It was so christmassy, and lively, and….weird. Though I love the oddity of this movie. Also, my school’s band just recreated the song “The Polar Express” for Christmas Concert, and it just makes the movie becomes much more awesome in my mind. I love it!

[Song] Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Preferably the piano version my cousin played last Christmas with my singing (kidding, I can’t sing) or Christina Perri’s. It makes you feel warm from heart to toes.


And that is it for today. Hope you like it! And remember, tomorrow is 12 Days Of Christmas Blogging last post—Day 11+12!!

What is your favorite Christmas movie or song?

Love xxoo,



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