12 Days of Christmas: Day 5+6

Hi guys! It’s Mariana.

As you know, I got nominated for 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS but end up doing it last minutes. So I speed things up a bit and do multiple days per post, and today is No.5 and No. 6. Enjoy!!



Day #5

What is on your personal wish list this year?

1. A Blankie – a red one, to be exact. Guess “who” is keeping me warm and cozy while I’m typing this. 😉

Bicycle Alchemy

2. Playing Cards – I can get super excited when it comes to cards and board games. So for Christmas this year, my cousin got me 2 decks of cards, a Bicycle Alchemy II England and a Scarlet ORNATE. I was so thrilled!

3. Board Games – this gift from my wish list was fulfilled by a White Elephant Game. Although instead of Cards Against Humanity (a cousin stole it from me), I end up with Quelf, which is super awesome as well!

You probably wonder why I didn’t say books. I don’t know why, but I enjoy buying books myself more than receiving them as gifts. You can really say I am one weird kid. 😀


Day #6

Share a Fond Childhood Christmas Memory

[That Time When My Pet Turtle Replaced Jesus: A Story by Mariana]

It all started on the day of Christmas, 5 years ago.

I was staring out the window, watching people hurried through the street, enjoying the Christmas spirit in the air. Suddenly, something caught my eyes….

(I’m kidding, wrong version)

So long story short, I had a pet turtle when I was 9, which was 5 years ago. We found him on a fishing trip, and since he was so determined to follow us (or our food), we took him home. Unfortunately, he loved to go missing, and so when that year Christmas came, I’ve lost him the total of 8 times already (yes, I counted).

However, this 8th missing was different. He disappeared for 2 weeks and I couldn’t find him anywhere. Until when we set up the mini stable for our mini Jesus, we found him enjoying himself inside the stable, at the spot where Baby Jesus supposed to be.

I don’t know how he survived that 2 weeks course, especially when he disappeared again a month later, but it was forever this time (he probably went to the small lake behind our house). I personally think it was the most memorable Christmas, for some reasons, probably because the child part of me still misses him dearly.

So yeah, it was just like that, me and my mystery turtle who had a strong love for disappearing. It was a wonderful Christmas, until he disappeared again, which was a very sad memory. But that story is for another time.

The End.


So, I hope you enjoy this, because I also have a lot of fun doing this. And I would love nothing more than seeing you  share your Christmas stories and wish lists too. Comment below! ❤

Stay tune for tomorrow 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS BLOGGING!

Love xxoo,




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