I’ve survived….not really!

Hey guys! It’s Mariana. It has *laugh nervously* been quite awhile… 😅Untitled

Yep, I’m not dead, yet. Nope, I’m not giving up on Book Is Glee, no way! Still, I know, I’ve been absent for ages.

Now here is the problem. My honey pie laptop was in an accident, and BOOM, “she” went to restored phase that seemed to be forever, and even though I got “her” home now, it’s still in a very horrible stage. I’m terribly sorry for my common-sense-less-brain for leaving the window open on that rainy day with my laptop next to it. I sincerly apologize for any consequences that were left behind after that incident, including the inability to update my blog and type my homework. Nonetheless, this is not going to stop me from trying to post in the near future, although I’m pretty sure it won’t be as regularly and as quality.

So yeah, I might be absent quite awhile in the next few months. Still, I’ll try to post now and then when I have a chance.

I’m gonna miss y’all a lot! Again, sorry for my silliness that caused all of these… Haizz!

Love xoxo,



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