Providence by Jamie McGuire

Released Date: Nov 17th, 2010

Length: 476 pages

Age Group: Young Adults, New Adults

Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Angels

External Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N

In the old world shadows of Providence, Rhode Island, Nina Grey finds herself the center of a war between Hell and Earth.

Struggling with her father’s recent death, Nina meets Jared Ryel by chance…or so she believes. Although his stunning good looks and mysterious talents are a welcome distraction, it soon becomes clear that Jared knows more about Nina than even her friends at Brown University. When questions outnumber answers, Jared risks everything to keep the woman he was born to save-by sharing the secret he was sworn to protect.

When her father’s former associates begin following her in the dark, Nina learns that her father is not the man she thought he was, but a thief who stole from demons. Searching for the truth behind her father’s death, Nina stumbles upon something she never expected-something Hell wants-and only she holds the key.

I went fishing with my uncle and cousins over the weekend. It was fantastic! However, being an amateur in fishing (or any kind of sports, except when you count chess as one), I didn’t get much job beside hanging up the hammock and take a good nap since no fish seems to interested with my bait and awful skill. So, I decided to “pick” up the book (from my kindle) to kill my time.

I was head over heel with Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. It was an amazing read! So I made my way to her other works with high expectation. Providence caught my eyes then, but in the end, it disappointed me…quite deeply.

If you have read some of my other reviews, you would probably realize I have little tolerance when it comes to different books with similar storyline, or rip-off version (I dislike that word, because no matter how “similar” the plots are, both works are the authors’ heart and mind.) Unfortunately, Providence falls in this category. It was a rewritten Twilight Saga. Don’t get me wrong here, I love Twilight (my first romance books – great impact), I love Jamie McGuire’s writing, and I would be lying if I said this is an awful book. Not at all. However, the reason above ticked me off. When I first pick up the book, I had a great time of thinking about how good this book is going to be. Hence, I even imagine a super positive review for this book. Guess you don’t get what you wish for all the time.

The book starts off very good. Nina’s father-the most important person in Nina’s life-got in an accident. She was devastated. After his funeral, she met a boy named Jared, a very nice one, and he offered her to share a cab with him. Their story started there.

Completely fall in love with the book at that moment. The writing is indescribably beautiful.

Then it changed from there.

No matter how hard I lie to myself that this book is completely unique, it’s not happening. After riding that late night cab, strange things starting to happen around Nina. The weird part is, the mystery Jared always seemed to show up whenever she’s in danger, and he really knows how to move his fists. Fate seems to keep bringing them together, times after times. He’s gorgeous and full of mysteries, but his sudden move of pushing her way makes Nina confused than ever. “Accidents” happened, and Nina is in danger. Jared decided to tell her his true identity, even if it may push her away from him.

Okay, you may think. What are you talking about? This plot is max awesomeness! Hate to break it for you guys. Nah uh! This is totally mini-Twilight 4 in 1. I love you but it’s not safe for you to love me so I left? If you left me then I will hurt myself? Hot super-being boyfriend? A sister who is basically a mix between Alice and Rosalie Cullen (this actually turns out hilarious)? A lot of check-marks for similarities between these guys here.

Jared can be considered your better version of Edward (I’m a Team Edward, don’t get me wrong, but Jared here is totally a sweetheart). He’s kind and full of humor. And even though he seems to be perfect beyond humanly possible, and sometimes quite…stalkery? (he’s a supernatural being, what am I talking about?) There was a very mundane side of him, which makes his characteristic feel more realistic. I like him a lot.

Nina is, well, she is the protagonist of this story, and my feeling for her seems to reflect on what I feel about the book. I really like her at first. She’s not the super-brave-and-independent type of person, but not those I-couldn’t-choose-what-to-where-without-my-boyfriend one either (keep in mind that I said “at first”). You can clearly make it out that her family is rich, but she doesn’t acknowledge that fact (in the good way) or feel overly proud and arrogant over it either. She was a very nice girl. She still in the end of the book though, but after a while, the “Bella’s effect” started to rub on her. She clings to Jared. Her mind is 24/7 full of negatively thoughts. She even desperately attempted to hurt herself just to Jared would appear an speak to her. Boy, I really want to tell her to stop crying and get over with it!

Jamie McGuire is fantastic when it comes to romance book, and I won’t deny it. But she disappointed me this time. Providence resembling Twilight too much, that it lost some of its own unique taste. You may question me why there are so many Twilight references in this review. That is the same feeling I have for this book. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who has that same annoyance like me when it comes to alike storylines.

Rating: 2/5


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3 thoughts on “Providence by Jamie McGuire

    1. Hahaha… 😀 Thanks! Finally met a fellow reader with the same thoughts too. There are too many series out there that have great potentials to become truly good books, but they couldn’t move outside the Twilight’s umbrella… *sigh*


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