The Pet Tag

Happy National Dog Day!

After spending nine hours home alone with my dog Pierre (my uncle and aunt were out of town), an idea suddenly pop up in my head. Hey, what about Pet Tag? So here you go!
Pet Tag

1. Dogs—Your best friend and the “person” who you watch your favorite shows together the most.

A book with the most loyal and supportive friends.

  • Percy Jackson! Immediately and no hesitate. This book/series has the most amazing and loyal friends I’ve ever read. They went on countless adventures together, share their secrets, support each other unconditionally. Even Percy’s fatal flaw is being too loyal to his friends too. Well, it’s not all good, but hey, isn’t that what friends are about, right?


2. Cats—Quick, graceful, and dangerous. They got it all, including the irresistible cuteness (if they trust you).

A character with flexible body or perspective.

  • I would say either Yelena or Valek from Poison Study. Both of them are excellent fighters, and can move as swiftly as the wind. However, whenever they are together, my fangirl’s heart will reach its max emotional state due to the indefensible against the adoring love in the air.


3. Birds—Feathers and wings! They spend their days travel with the wind and (occasionally) sing for you.

A book with a “over the roof” and “above and beyond” idea.

  • I’m currently reading a book called Spinning Starlight. Although I haven’t finished it yet, but I love the author’s idea of mixing two genres that you never thought would be combined—fairy tales retelling and science fiction—into one book. To me, this is a very creative and brave decision. So far, the book is amazing, so I can’t wait to finish it.


4. Fish—Swimming in ocean, causing a commotion, cuz they are so awesome!

A book with water.


  • Until We Meet Again by Renee Collins. This is not a mermaid book or any of that kind. However, the beach has a very important role in this book. It’s where our two protagonists—Cassandra and Lawrence—met, where the magic of time exist. This is a stunning book, and you just HAVE to read it. It’s beautiful!


5. Snake—Silent but dangerous beyond words. A snake is what you need to keep your secret, unless it decides to eat you.

A mystery character with hidden secrets (can be the main or side characters).


  • Frances from Daughter of Deep Silence. It’s one of my favorite YA mystery, thriller book. Frances has all the characteristics above. She is mystery and full of secrets, with plotting plans and dangerous moves. Her plan to revenge will keep you on the edge of your seat, so you really don’t want to miss this book.


6. Peacocks—Stunningly beautiful. With a glance and your heart will swoon.

Book with a character that is not only graceful, but also beautiful at heart.

  • Tessa Gray from Clockwork Princess. She’s endearing, yes. Talented, absolutely. And she has such a wonderful, kind heart that can easily melt you. And she can also quote books like a pro, so bonus points for Tessa!


7. Turtles—They are sure slow, but their adorable self take the lead. 

A book with a super slow pace that you just want to sleep through it.


  • The Eternal City by Paula Morris. The detailness (is this even a word?) in this book is incredible. But it was too slow. Way too slow. Nothing happened in the first half of the book, and the plot was only sped up in the very last chapters. If only the author would fix that…


8. Rabbits—Quick as a wink. They are the champions of the race.

A book with gripping plot that make your heart go crazy like you just run a mile.

  • Nothing can do this as good as thriller book, except when you were actually running a mile. I Hunt Killers just kinda pop in my head. This was amazingly written just to make you heart go haywire. And then there is a hook, a brilliant hook.

“It was a beautiful day. It was a beautiful field. Except for the body.”

  • I really don’t know if I should cry or laugh….


9. Owls—The creatures of the night. Their large, intelligent eyes will steal your heart on the spot.

A smart, brainy character that loves books just like us.


  • And they will likely be night-owls just to read book too. Katy Swartz from The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout is the one. She adores reading, and love her laptop beyond words due to the fact that she’s a blogger. I feel more than just happy that me and Katy have the something in common. Now all I need is a perfect boyfriend like hers. 😀


And I tag…
  1. My Tiny Obsessions
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  4. Bloggin’ Books and Stuff
  5. The Lit Mermaid
  6. Hardwork Boulevard
  7. YOU! If you enjoy this tag and want to do it. Feel welcome!

Small note: I bet there are a lot of mistakes in my word-using and grammar. So if you are doing the tag and want to change or paraphrase it. Don’t hesitate to do so! I’ll even thank you for doing that, to be honest. 🙂

Mariana’s Corner:

Happy National Dog Day to all ladies and gentlemen dogs out here. Also for we proud dog owners! 😀 And if you have other pets, congrats too (*whisper* I’m actually a cat person, but my mom is allergic, so…) Nevertheless, I love my dog, so today is an awesome day for me. Hope it was for you too!

Love xoxo,



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