Duo Reviews: Contemporary Romance Combo

Hey guys!

Contemporary is not really my type. But I still read them now and then. So guess what I got you guys this week…. DUO REVIEWS!


#Nerds (Hashtag series)

Author: Cambria Hebert

Genres: Romance, New Adults, College, Contemporary

Rating: 3/5 stars

Similar books: Elements of Chemistry, Fangirl,

External Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N


First glance, coolest book’s title of the year has been chosen.

I love the author’s idea for this book. It’s very fresh. However, the plot is quite predictable. We all have read this kind of story before. A famous guy, a nerdy girl, and fate just leads them to each other.

Rimmel was assigned to tutor Roman (known as the school’s Romeo). He’s the school famous bad boy: good-looking, rich, football player, and all girls want to date him. Rimmel didn’t want the job, but if she wanted to keep her scholarship, she will have to. There are no turning back.

Rimmel is your typically #nerd. She is an outcast, a person who never got noticed. Her withdrawal from others and only befriended with animal was from a damage from her past, although I think it would be better if the author giving more hints from the beginning about it than just spill out everything at once in the end, because it feels very surreal like that. Nevertheless, she is a very kind and great character.

Our charming Romeo, well, he has a lot of pressure from both his family and school life. He’s popular, yes, but being a part of the Omega fraternity was everything he’s aiming for, a great step for him to NFL, and he still need to pass many challenges to gain that. And then he met Rimmel, and everything seems to change, slowly.

A very great, humorous part of this book is the fact that hashtag has quite a role in this book (that’s why it caught my eyes). In every chapter, the author included a message from Alpha BuzzFeed, a gossiping app in Rimmel and Romeo’s school. It gives the book a very special effect, and successfully make me laugh my head off every single time. #BuzzBoss is arguably my favorite (unknown) character in this book.


It’s a very typical book, but it was a great read, nonetheless. I enjoy it, and might well trying the rest of the series if I have a chance.

Rival (Fall Away series #2)

Author: Penelope Douglas

Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Drama

Rating: 4/5

Similar books: Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Disaster, Hopeless

External Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N


Wow, just wow.

The characters are playing games. With my head. And I love it…. I guess it was the way Penelope Douglas writes her story. It’s irresistible. The character’s inner conflict is very real (and really dramatic, trust me), but it touched my heart, so a big thumb up for Rival.

Fallon is back, and she has a plan in mind. Fallon and Madoc are stepsiblings. But something happened, mistakes after mistakes, and she was sent away from home. Two years later, and now it’s time to repay what her so-called “family” did to her.

Fallon is the character that has the most development in the book. And reading it, feeling every moment of it with her makes me “satisfied” as a reader. She is strong, but you can always sense that weakness somewhere from her, which make her even more realistic.

Madoc, he’s a teaser. Well, until Fallon showed up. He was angry, and confused, and that conflict inside him burns both him and Fallon. The things they say to each other is nothing but pain, but to me, it’s more like they are trying to express their bruised hearts through their cruel words. The story is deep, guys and gals.

“You’ve always wanted me. You know why? Because I don’t try to kill your demons. I run with them.”

This book a delicious – well, a little “forbidden” – love between two people. There are so many flavors in this book; pain, joy, revenge, sweet, temptation…. Name it. And it was so “overwhelming” that you just want to know more about it. I love the side characters. This book is one of the best contemporary books that has wonderful cast of side characters. Their friendship is incredible. Penelope’s writing is what you call splendid. It knows where to grip you, hard, and full of thought-provoking plot twists. It amazes me!

It was an incredible read. I love it. Penelope’s work are wonderful, and I highly recommend it. And don’t forget to check out other books from the series too. They are absolutely amazing!


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