[Covers War Wednesday #3] Lament

Hola ya’ll! (sorry, I’m at a very “intense” time in my Spanish class)

It’s Mariana. It might surprise you (or it might not), because I just found out how many languages that Maggie Stiefvater’s books were published in. And the result just wow me. There are so many (and I want all of them *sparkling eyes*).

If you love books about fairies-not those little tiny kind with sparkling wings-but those with dangerous, beautiful eyes that will pull you in at the first glance, you definitely need to read this series, like now! It’s beyond fantastic! And remember to check Maggie Stiefvater’s works out too. Her writing is beautiful. So, let’s get start!

[click pictures for external links]


1. US Cover

   Well, I really like this cover. The dagger is absolutely beautiful. And the shamrocks are so adorable but mystery at the same time. I really like that detail.
   The only problem is…. If they would add some shades for the dark background, that will be much prettier in my opinion. But overall, I have no complain whatsoever with the cover that I have. I just love it.

2. UK Cover

*look back and forth between the US and UK*
   I’m so sorry US, but so far, UK’s cover has beaten you to the no. 1 place (but I still love you though).
   Just look at this cover. It is gorgeous. And since red is my favorite color, saying no to this cover is kind of impossible. And if you take a good look at the corners, you will see some music notes. So cool, isn’t it? The detail in this cover is absolutely amazing! I’m falling hard for this cover.

3. German’s Cover

   These are the two editions from German.
   The first one-the older version-gives me that feeling that I’m dreaming. It’s kind of glossy, with a few elaborate layers of see-through flowers. And the girl is very pretty too.
   The second is the newer version. And just wow! Look at how beautiful the layers of purple are. It looks so simple, and yet so elegant. Reminds me of those water-color paintings my mom has in her room. They are gorgeous.

4. Japanese’s Cover

   Oh my goodness! What did I just see?! Masterpiece! This is the reason why everyone need a version of their book in Japan. Why? Because Japan is the origin of manga, and they just make awesome covers.
   Sorry for the small image. I couldn’t find any bigger size. It seems like there is some problems with this edition. Every link to it was error. I hope they will be available somewhere for the person(s) who might want to buy them.



Mariana’s Corner:
   Lament is an awesome book, and there are a lot more foreign editions for this book out there (check Maggie Stiefvater’s official site for more info. : Lament: Foreign Editions. It’s really cool).
   Tell me what is your favorite! And remember to check this book out if you haven’t, you won’t regret it!
   I have a small sketch about fairy (a really quick, not so pretty sketch). But I want to share it with you. It was just one of my dreamy moody drawing.

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