Summer Vacation

Hi there!

I was on a vacation with my family. It was kinda a surprise, a super heart-warming one from my parents. And before I come out of that sweet surprise, we’ve already at the beach!

Oh, and did I tell you I’m in Vietnam? (in case you don’t know, I’m an international student) Sorry for the late update, and sorry for being so lazy these pass few weeks. Coming home is great and all, but for only one little problem: my parents are quite strict when it comes to electric devices. It’s impossible for me to hold my phone over 5 minutes (no kidding), not to mention the laptop. That’s why I’m being quite (admit it Mariana…it’s “very”) inactive this month with my blogging. Again, sorry.

Just want you guys to know that I’m having a lot of fun at the beach. We did all kinds of crazy stuff. Just imagine, I even woke up at 4 just to see the sunrise. But the price was well paid, because the scene was stunning!


How about you guys summer? Did you go somewhere or did something important happen to you in this summer? Can’t wait to hear your own story!

Love xoxo,



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