Renegade by Kerry Wilkinson

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

Length: 370 pages

Released Date: July 7, 2015

Format: E-book

Source: Publisher (Netgalley)

Age Group: Young Adults

Genres: Dystopian

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Silver Blackthorn is a fugitive from the law.
Silver Blackthorn has committed treason.
She is dangerous. Do NOT approach her.
A large reward is on offer. Report any sightings to your nearest Kingsman.
Long live the King.

Silver Blackthorn is on the run. She fled Windsor Castle with eleven other teenagers, taking with her something far more valuable than even she realises: knowledge.

With the entire country searching for the missing Offerings, Silver must keep them all from the vicious clutches of King Victor and the Minister Prime. Until now, no one has escaped the king and lived to tell the tale.

Or have they?

With expectations weighing heavily on the girl with the silver streak in her hair, will she ever find her way home?

If you haven’t read my review on Reckoning, Renegade’s first book, then let me repeat this: if Divergent and The Hunger Game have a kid, that would be this trilogy. However, Renegade got an extra point compare to Reckoning, because the writing was improved a lot!

I’m so glad I got my hand on Renegade. The book continued where it’s left us in Reckoning, when Silver and other Offerings escaped from the castle. After their plan to show the people the King’s true nature failed, the group of survival Offerings have to find another way to overthrow King Victor. Silver and her friends continued the adventure that they left off in Reckoning, with more gripping action scenes and loving friendships. They experienced things that a group of sixteen-year-olds shouldn’t have seen. Their courage was testing again and again every nights and days, but they never cease to give up. Their bravery impressed me deeply.

This book is a big improvement compare to Reckoning. It’s awesome! While still being a little unoriginal, the writing is way better now. What I love most about Renegade is Silver’s friends and companions. Their friendships are so heart-warming and adoring. People died in this book, yes, but while I’m being very sad, it makes the book very memorable. And the triangle-love! Did I say I have a very strong love/hate relationship with triangle-love? Half of the time reading this book, I was silently screaming in my head, telling Silver to just choose one and get over with it. I mean, it’s not a very big of a deal in the book, but my fangirl heart just couldn’t stay calm.

Overall, it’s a good book. I had fun reading this. However, I still can’t bring myself to give Renegade the love that it deserves because of the very predictable plot. But then, I can’t wait for the third book and recommend you should check it out and give it a try.

Rating: 3/5


Books in the series:

Reckoning #1

Renegade #2

Similar books: The Hunger Games, Crystal Kingdom, Divergent


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