New Features

Hey guys,

Blog’s feature has been an idea in my head way before I have the idea to start a blog. I always want to have something new, something special to make my blog less boring and beside spamming y’all with long long essays of my thoughts about books. So I thought, why not try to add some more. And so, the feature at Book Is Glee was born.

I know most of these features (or I would say, all) are not originally one of a kind feature, and I know many amazing blogs out there who have these kind of features too. But I’m very enjoy reading it and well, hope to make my own. Most of these features have been used by me in the past, but I was too lazy to label them. So now I officially give them a name and welcome them to my blog. Now I need to stop rattle on and focus to our new baby features.

1) Cover Wars


It was originally “Covers vs. Covers”. But the name sounds to long for me, and it took my little niece every bit of her energy to say the word “covers” twice, so I decided to shorten it.

This is where I post “competition” between covers, since the war between different book’s editions (usually US and UK) has been raging for many generations. So, I started this page simply to write about my thoughts on covers

2) Tag/Challenge


I don’t think Book Tag is a feature. But it’s okay. And the title tells you everything you need to know already. Basically, this page is about tags and challenges.

3) Top 5 Friday


From the original Top Ten Tuesday, Book Is Glee now represents you the ultimate Top 5 Friday. Yep, it’s a top 5 that I’ll post on Friday, and I intend to do so every two weeks. The topic can be anything, from books, covers, to top posts and blogs. I’m very looking forward to this.

4) BookiHow


A “How to” feature about books and reading. You will be surprise to learn that reading world is full of questions, and I will be right here to answer them. I’m a newbie blogger, not a professional, but I’ll try my best from my experience to give you guys the best tips. And I would love to hear opinions from you guys too.

5) Character Q&A


This is just a Q&A fictional characters version. Just imagine, isn’t it cool to talk about books and nerdy stuff with your favorite character? Although this will be base on my experience (did I say “my”? I mean “their”. *nervous laugh*), and I’ll try my best to be in our fellow characters’ shoes and answer the questions.

Which do you like the best? Feel free to give me suggestions and opinions. I would love to hear from them and improve my posts.

Love xoxo,



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