This Is Shyness by Leanne Hall

Publisher: Text Publishing

Length: 272 pages

Released Date: August 9, 2010

Format: E-book

Source:  Amazon Kindle Store

Age Group: Young Adults

Genres: Adventure, Urban Fantasy

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This Is Shyness


Winner of the Text Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing, 2009.

In the suburb of Shyness, where the sun doesn’t rise and the border crackles with a strange energy, Wolfboy meets a stranger at the Diabetic Hotel. She tells him her name is Wildgirl, and she dares him to be her guide through the endless night.

But then they are mugged by the sugar-crazed Kidds. And what plays out is moving, reckless…dangerous. There are things that can only be said in the dark. And one long night is time enough to change your life.

This Is Shyness gave me a very strange feeling, and I absolutely love its oddness. The cover is not very catchy (I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover), but the title just somehow caught my sleeve and screamed, “Look at me!” And well, I fell hard for it. Reading this book is like having a dream, a very captivating one, where the border between awake and asleep is so thin and fragile that the strangest thing become the most realistic. And the gripping adventure yet fill with stillness will steal your mind before you even realize it.

Shyness is a place where the sun doesn’t rise, literally, and only in that area, because right next to its border to Panwood, the sun still high and shine. It did once though, but for some reasons, it slowly stopped, and the Darkness come. Everything about Shyness is so fascinating, so exotic to me. There are many hidden secrets here, and the sun never rise high enough to expose them. Shyness gives people the creeps, but also the inquisitiveness nonetheless. I mean, who wouldn’t find a place where the 24 hours is darkness, sugar-addicted kids with monkeys roam the streets and abandon buildings, and people with moon-tan, unexcited right?

The story follows Wolfboy and Wildgirl, with their faithful encounter. Both are very similar in many ways, with unsettled issues that troubled them every night. When Willdgirl convinced Wolfboy to give her a tour around Shyness, this is when their adventure began, and they never expected what is coming.

I love Wildgirl. She’s smart, lively, and has a very unique character. She got herself into many dangerous situations, but not because of her reckless. She is the kind of girl who knows what is important for herself and choose wisely to either ignore or fight for it. There are many unanswered questions about her life, and that only makes me keep turning the pages just to know more about her.

Wolfboy is a very intriguing character, and we got to stay in his head quite a lot, and that just make me like him even more. He’s energetic, charming, and well, howl a lot (another unanswered question). All the details about him make you think you know a lot about him, but it turns out all strange and unexpected. You can see he cares for Wildgirl very much, and this couple is, well, oddly apposite. And it makes the book more interesting.

This book is a dream where you don’t want to wake up, an unforgettable experience. It captures you with all it whimsicality and unforeseen twists. This book is a living example for the quote “Books are portals to other worlds.” Leanne Hall has created a very special and unique dream, a kind of dream everyone what to experience once. And the ending… Well, let just say I’m lucky to have the second book in my hands right now, or I might go crazy with all the secrets.

I highly recommend this and excuse me, because I need to hide in my corner and happily “attack” the second book now.

Rating: 8/10

Books in the series:

This is Shyness #1

Queen of the Night #2

Similar books: Alice in Wonderland (because of the oddness), Uglies, The Secret Hour


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