[Covers War Wednesday #2] The Lost Prince

This is the case where you might have to argue which is better, since both of them are gorgeous!

Personally, I like the UK better because of all the cool light and different shades that make the cover look magical. But if you ask my cousin, she probably say the US looks cooler, since she loves detail things and abstract lines.

Both of these covers are absolutely beautiful, both are screaming “BUY ME!”, and that’s like my heart’s inner voice. So, congrats to both US and UK, since no oneΒ has to cry their eyes out because their cover is not as good.

Oh, and side note, this is a very good book. If you are a fan of those magical and stunningly beautiful fair folks, check this book out. You won’t regret it. Who can possibly resist these breathtaking covers?

US Cover:


UK Cover:


Which cover will you buy? Which is more beautiful? Let me know your opinion.


4 thoughts on “[Covers War Wednesday #2] The Lost Prince

  1. Is there a third book cover? Because on Amazon it advertises a different cove. And I wanted to purchase either the UK or the US version. I’ll also post a link to the site on where it shows the cover and if you could answer my question that would be great. Thank you!


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    1. There are different cover editions beside those two, definitely. Though most of them are in another language. I did a small check up on Goodreads, and I didn’t see any edition that looks like the one in the link, so my best bet would be either it’s a special edition, or it just a pre-cover reveal one. I wouldn’t guarantee if my assumptions are correct, so the overall answer would be: Yes, there are different editions, though I’m not sure the one in the link is one. πŸ™‚
      I really hope that help, Kayland. Sorry for not able to give you a definite answer. ❀

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