Inherit Midnight by Kate Kae Myers

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens

Length: 401 pages

Released Date: February 10, 2015

Format: E-book

Source:  Amazon Kindle Store

Age Group: Young Adults

Genres: Mystery, Adventure

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Inherit Midnight


The Competition
Seventeen-year-old Avery VanDemere’s ridiculously wealthy grandmother has decided to leave the family fortune to the relative who proves him or herself worthiest–by solving puzzles and riddles on a whirlwind race around the globe.

The Contenders

For Avery, the contest offers a chance to escape. As the black sheep of the VanDemere clan–the illegitimate daughter, sent away to boarding school–she’d love to use that prize money to run away from the family who ostracized her . . . and discover the truth about her long-lost mother.

Marshall might be Avery’s uncle by blood, but there’s no love lost between them. He’ll do anything to win, even if it means turning on his own children.

Riley is the charming son of Grandmother VanDemere’s lawyer. As the game progresses, Avery finds herself drawn to him–even though she isn’t quite sure she can trust him.

The Winner?

Treacherous turns in the competition serve as brutal reminders that only one person can win it all. Is Avery willing to risk both her heart and her life to claim the grand prize?

If you love books about finding clues, or crazy, long history family that fight each other through weird challenges in order to inherit some awesome family’s company or fortune, Inherit Midnight is for you.

I have to say, I rather enjoy this book. For some people, you might find Inherit Midnight similar to 39 Clues and decide to ignore it because of many reasons. It can be anything; you don’t like these type of genres, you don’t like books that have similar plots, etc. But do not worry, because with the same concept of finding clues and win the prize, this book still has it very own unique plot. And, the fact that this is a stand-alone book, you won’t have to live in uneasiness of waiting for the next book to come out (every reader has experienced this before, and it’s terrifying).

So, that is some small advantages of reading this book, and now we are going to the plot part where everything get exciting. Avery VanDemere grows up in a family with very long history. With a very standout parents and unique characters, Avery got bullied by her own family. Her overprotected grandmother, head of the VanDemere family, separated her from most of the outside world because, well, I guess I’m not going to spoiled that for you. Imagine, your parents ban you from hang out with friends, go to vacation, or even Disneyland, soon there will be the day where you just can’t stand it and plan to escape. However, let just say Avery’s plan didn’t go well. I actually like Avery a lot. She is a brave, determined young girl that always try her best to overcome her fear in order to succeed. Although there are some part when she gave up and whine too much, but for an 18-year-old-to-be girl, the tasks and challenges that her grandmother gave her is quite heavy compare to her other relatives (have I mentioned Avery’s parents is a quite special case? I have, right?)

Adventure without companion is not fun at all. Meet Riley Tate, a 19-year-old lawyer’s intern. He is compassionate young men who has a very temper, punchy side if you harm whatever he cares for. I’m glad Kate Myers has created such a optimistic male protagonist in this book. He’s the one who help Avery when she was giving up, encourage and motivate her throughout the book. So it’s quite true if you say that Riley is a very determined character no less, if not more, than Avery.

However, no book is flawless, so I do have some “annoyed” part of my own in this book. I find the fact that Avery’s grandmother was described as a fair and strict head of the house rather weird, since she proved to have no idea about the bullied happen right at her backyard between her grandchildren or the fact that her granddaughter was treated badly by her own teachers and friends. Also, the Inherit Midnight contains a lot of history facts and instead of making it an interesting book with useful information, the facts were stated so lecture-like that it make me feel overwhelming and quite…bored. Thankfully, the action scenes were quite good and helped the flaws quite more than a bit.

I wouldn’t say this book is amazing, since I feel the challenges and tests are quite quick since there is only one book. However, I couldn’t deny this book is a good one (not quite memorable, but good) and if you are looking for some quick read, this book is definitely for you.

Rating: 7/10

Recommend similar books:  39 Clues, Heist Society, Ruby Red (they both have big families with long history)


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