How To Read 200 Books In A Year


Welcome, fellow readers from everywhere. That’s right, guys and gals, this challenge is a reading goal for us in 2015. Most reading challenges are 100 books max, but hey, let’s make the level harder a little bit and double the number to 200!

This is my process: Books That I’ve Read in 2015

Here is some of my personal tips for how to read 200 books a year:

1) Set a goal

Well, we just set a goal with 200 books a year. You are encouraged to change the number of books depend on your time and pocket money (yes, books cost money TT^TT, if I was the world’s Supreme Leader, books would be free). You should also push the goal higher each year, because that means you read more every year.

2) Make a Plan/Timetable

Not everyone can easily pick up a book and read it through the day. Some find it really hard to concentrate and read a chapter, not mentioning a book. I was once a hard-to-concentrate kind of person too, and my mom helped me a lot during the process to make me a book addict today (thank you Mom!) She told me to create a plan, or rather, a daily timetable. For example, you would read 30 minutes everyday after dinner. The time will increase, and suddenly, BAM, it’s a habit for you to read, and like others said, “Old habits die hard.” This is not only improve your reading skill, but it also help you to organize your day too.

3) Motivation

Everyone loves prize. In order to achieve your goal, you need a motivation. You can create this prize by promising to buy yourself a new dress or headphones, anything actually, at the end of the year if you win the challenge. If the temptation to break your “promise” too big, you can ask your parents, teachers, or friends to help you with this. I bet nobody is going to say no to reading, right?

4) Keep Track of Your Books

This may sound weird, but it actually very important. You can keep track of the number of books that you’ve read pretty much everywhere. Phones, Computers, and other devices and help you keep track of your books. You can also ask for help from your parents to keep track of them for you. Internet is also a great place to do this, since there are many famous book’s websites that keep track of what you read like Goodreads. Or you can come up with some DIY ideas like making tiny stars and write each books that you’ve read in a star and put them in a jar. This makes your table look prettier, doesn’t it?

That’s my tips, but what about you? What is your ideas to complete a reading challenge? I would love to hear you guys suggestions and opinions.

Love xoxo,



5 thoughts on “How To Read 200 Books In A Year

  1. I read close to 35 books a year. That’s really slow for a book blogger, I think 🙂 But I’m trying to up my game—your tips seem helpful!


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